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Tips for managing your money when you come to study in Barcelona


Tips for managing your money when you come to study in Barcelona

Come to study in Barcelona is not only adapt to a new culture, language, gastronomy, new friends ... You also have to learn how to manage your money: university accommodation, food expenses, transportation ... and of course, save a little to travel and go out with friends. ASB (American School of Barcelona) students have set to work to help you. 

When a student comes to live in Barcelona for a season, he knows how much his housing and his studies will cost, but few know very well how much money life in Barcelona will cost. How much does it cost the daily purchase in the supermarket? And going out to dinner? How much do I have to provide for transportation? Which mobile company is best for me? Ah! And I will have to open a bank account!

These are some of the questions that a group of students of the American School of Barcelona (ASB) along with the experts of the financial comparator have been working to help the foreigners that come to study to Spain. For this they have created the guide "Coming to study in Spain? Tips to manage your money ".

This is a free guide that you can download on the internet and it is also translated into 11 languages, so these students have made it very easy, and it is sure to be very useful in your study stay in Barcelona .

The guide also talks about other topics of interest such as local festivals, schedules, gastronomy ... And they analyze the average price of living in Spain from the eyes of students, who like you, have had to adapt to their new life in Barcelona.

So if you want that after paying all the expenses you leave some money in the pocket to dedicate it to the leisure or to travel by Spain, you should not miss all the tips that this guide gives you. As we know you are willing to read it here we leave this link since done you can download it.