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The Apps that will improve your life in Barcelona


The Apps that will improve your life in Barcelona

In today's post we present the essential apps for students who live (or you have planned live) in Barcelona. From the nearest to your library for student flat apps that help you with public transport, these apps will help you in your day to day in the city.

Public transport: Barcelona UrbanStep

A super useful to quickly display stops nearest public transport timetables and routes app. No matter if your student apartment is near the metro, tram, bus stop bicing. With this app you can see all transport on an interactive map to help you arrive on time anywhere.


Cultural activities: BibliosBCN

We know that in your student flat featuring all the necessary equipment to study, but if you are someone who prefers to go to the library please download this app. In addition to the closest libraries, tells you the activities that take place in them, check schedules, locations ....


Meet Barcelona: Les 10 Barcelones

Okay, visit La Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllo is a must when you come to visit Barcelona for tourism, but when you are a student in Barcelona, you want to experience the city like a local and not just as a tourist. This app lets you know the lesser known parts of the city that certainly will surprise you with its history and beauty.


Sports: Barcelona runs

For run lovers students, and not just because they are late to class, the city of Barcelona presented in this app 23 routes to discover the city running. In each route it is indicated the distance, altitude, difficulty ... And if you do the 23 proposed routes will give you a medal !! What else we can ask an AppJ