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Fiestas de la Mercè, her unknown face


Fiestas de la Mercè, her unknown face

This week Barcelona celebrates its festival, the celebrations of the Mercè. Sure some of your college classmates floor and you have proposed attend one of the free concerts that will be throughout the City, or even you have porpuesto attend one of their exciting correfocs .... But surely there algunes coses that sure do not know the holidays ... you count !!

If you are just setting in your student flat, you are starting to discover that Barcelona has everything ... even has two patroness !! The Merce, as you know, and Santa Eulalia, which was until the seventeenth century the only patroness of the city. And why appears La Merce? Well, because of a plague of locusts. The Council of the city entrusted to La Merce release that plague City in exchange for namimg her patroness of the city ... and it so was. Poor Santa Eulalia cries every year when you see the locals celebrate the Fiestas de la Mercè, and say so every year it rains on those dates.

Now we're going to count as watch the festivities from another perspective. The last night of the Fiestas spectacular fireworks display in Plaza Espanya. Well, that night a tremendous party (concert included) at some rooftop in raval is organized with great views over the fireworks. If you're thinking of giving the exclusive to your roommates, wait ... until it approaches the date is not revealed what the chosen place. More information is

If you are keen on visiting museums, From 22 to 25 the entrance to the MNAC is free, and for two people ...

And we give a last alternative plan for the holidays. Verdi cinemas in the neighborhood of Gracia, one of the preferides by international students, and where we have several shared flats, celebrates the festival of Mercè with a special serial of films about Paris ... Oh the laaaaa. ... sure you're already thinking that flatmate you're inviting.

With so many plans, the weekend presents hilarious. It seems that you not going to be a lot of time in your student flat next few days. Have a good time!!!!