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Costumes, parties, colors, happiness… It is already Carnival!!!


Costumes, parties, colors, happiness… It is already Carnival!!!

The carnival is a celebration that happens immediately before Christian Lent, with a variable date (February or March, depending on the year), and combine some elements such as costumes, parades and parties on the street. At Carnival´s night, everything is possible and according to a legend that´s the reason why people use masks.

One of the most famous carnivals near Barcelona it the Sitges Carnival… Yes! Sitges is not only a charming village with beautiful beaches, but also offers fun parties during Carnival!

Take a look on the web page of the local government to check the schedule. If you are student and have an available time between the exams, you can enjoy until February 18th! And you don´t even have to book an accommodation there because it´s really near to Barcelona! =)

We wish you an enjoyable carnival and with lots of parties!!! =)