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Bring the culinary Catalonian traditions to your student apartments


Bring the culinary Catalonian traditions to your student apartments

Catalonia is the second largest autonomous community with the most universities, thus it’s no wonder why more students opt every year come to this city to begin their studies. With such an influx in student population there is an ample and large variety of student and university housing. Besides a quality education that you will be obtaining, Catalonia is a cultural and historical patrimony and offers a gastronomy that is very its own, with a variety of plates that will have even the pickiest eaters licking their fingers.

Catalonian gastronomy showcases a variety of plates typical from the Mediterranean, which come from the garden, the sea and the mountain, all of whose produce are the protagonists in every dish. A lot of its typical plates are used for reference in the gastronomic world. Takepa amb tomaca or pa amb tomàquet, bread with tomato and garlic(optional), dressed with olive oil, salt to taste and garnished with a slice of Spanish ham, something so simple and yet one of the most typical appetizers you will find here. You could easily prepare this one at home.


Theescudellais another one of the stars of the Catalonian kitchen. It’s a rich stew prepared with chickpeas, potatoes, kale,butifarrasausage, ideal for combating the low temperatures of winter. Some other hearty plates include thefricando, a casserole made with beef or oxen, whichever you prefer, and topped with a garnish of mushrooms. It’s a plate that fills you up and tastes better the following day, perfect for a group of students living together.


If seafood and fish are more to your liking, tryexqueisada, a salad composed of tomatoes, red  & green peppers, onion and codfish. It has an immense nutritional value and is a perfectly refreshing dish to cool off any summer day. Sample anescalivada, a medley of roasted vegetables which can also be accompanied with a codfish orespencat.


Now on to dessert,crema catalanahas to be one of the most distinguished desserts. It’s elaborated with a base of egg yolk, sugar and milk and the top is blowtorched to give it that caramelized effect.Carquiñolesare basically dried pastries stuffed with almonds, but could also have other dried fruits or nuts. Some of the most common are thepets de monja, which are cookies shaped in the form of breasts. A traditional sweet is alsopanelletswhich are prepared on All Saints Day. This dessert can also be found in the rest of Spain and is known asbuñuelos. They are made with a base of marzipan and covered with pine nuts and almonds, even though sometimes you will find them with coco, chocolate or even pumpkin.